Year 1988, La Rodenghi F.lli S.r.l. It annouces the beginning of the direct production facilities complete and propellers for Electrocibles (shooting the propeller), employees worldwide by over twenty years and approved for competition FITASC international.

The machines, simple and without defelts, are equipped with dc motor and speed variator from 0 to 10000 rmp.

the moving targets (Helice) are designed to have a zero environmental impact as manufactured with a particularly fragile material and fully recyclable (rupture occurs with lead 8).

The testigo (white part) is virtually indestructible and resistant; this feature makes it possible to reuse the witness over and over again, about 2000 testigo for 20000 helice.

another distinctive feature is the aerodynamics of moving targets which thanks to the helical shape and speed changes stand a flight very thin and with different movements that mimic perfectly the natural flight of birds.

System helice for clay shooting

Currently we have 1400systems in the world.

We deliver continuous in Africa, Usa and across Europe.

Rallenty Helice

The testigo is indestructible and resistant, considering that 2000 testigo are used on at least 20000 helice in any weather.
well tested and used throughout the world, even the machines helice are the result of ongoing studies and research that led to the rodenghi fratelli to occupy a dominant role in the world market in sector.

Each machines is equipped with a speed variator and head ray differentiated, which allow to have at every use different output speed helice, various glides and different angles, simulating the actual movements of birds.

Rodenghi Giuseppe

Rodenghi Giuseppe

Rodenghi Giovanni

Rodenghi Giovanni